Are Sealed Transmissions Better Than Open Transmissions?


Sealed transmissions are car transmissions systems that, as the name says, are sealed up. These are systems where you're not meant to change the transmission fluid for as long as you have the transmission. Both automatic and CVT transmissions can be sealed. If you're looking for a new car and have wondered if buying one with a sealed transmission is going to cause maintenance and repair problems down the road, a good person to ask is your mechanic.

16 August 2022

What Should You Do If You Encounter Problems with Your Dual Clutch Transmission?


While many modern-day vehicles are fitted with a conventional transmission system, some cars may have dual-clutch mechanisms that are somewhat different and may need additional attention from time to time. If you have one of these systems, what do you need to know about it? Understanding the System A dual-clutch transmission is often fitted to high-performance vehicles and features two distinct clutches, as the name implies. One will handle the first, third and fifth gears, while the other deals with the even-numbered set.

13 July 2022

Focus Areas During Tyre Roadworthy Inspection


You are responsible for making sure your vehicle is roadworthy. It is the reason roadworthy inspections are critical and typically conducted by a government agency. Typically, Australian motorists should take their vehicle for roadworthy inspection at five years old, ten years old and then annually. The assessment is necessary to ensure critical components of a car are in optimal condition to ensure the safety of all road users. Notably, a licenced inspector will examine your car's tyres against a checklist to ascertain their condition and safety level.

11 April 2022

Is Your Vehicle's Oil Cooler Still Doing its Job?


If your vehicle is designed for towing a heavy load or is otherwise built for performance, it may well have an oil cooler fitted as standard. You may not be aware of this device, but it is critical if you are to keep the engine operating temperature within acceptable limits. When was the last time that you serviced your oil cooler? What type of risk are you running if it's been some time?

13 January 2022

Major Benefits of Logbook Service to a Commercial Fleet


Being on top of things is critical if you manage a fleet of trucks since it prevents repairs from getting out of hand. It is the reason car manufacturers specify regular logbook service due to its proactive nature. Notably, logbook service involves regular inspections and minor fixes, which ensure that trucks run smoothly and efficiently at all times. The best part is that logbook servicing indicates the type of task carried out, the date, and the technician who conducted the checks.

23 November 2021

Three Important Tips for Planning for Body Kit Installation


If you are thinking about enhancing your car through customisation, consider purchasing and installing a body kit. In general, using a body kit is one of the popular approaches to improving the appeal of a car because it changes the profile of the automobile. Consequently, the exterior will stand out among stock vehicles of the same make and model. Moreover, the right body kit will upgrade the performance, improving the general quality of the ride.

17 September 2021

Helpful Tips for Buying Tractor Tyres


If you are a tractor owner, you might have had to purchase tractor tyres before, but you could still be looking for a little bit of advice. Alternatively, you might be a new tractor owner and might have never purchased tractor tyres at all, so you might need some advice and insight.  Buy Them When They're Needed Keeping good tyres on your tractor is very important. For one thing, you don't want to have a flat tyre while you're in the middle of the field, or worse, when you're driving your tractor down the road, such as if you're driving from one property or another.

20 July 2021

European Car Repairs That Should Never Be Undertaken as A DIY Job


One thing that most motorists can agree on when it comes to European cars is that they are the epitome of prestige. But these status symbols can be quite expensive. Thus, when some motorists purchase these vehicles, they tend to adopt habits that will help them save on ownership costs. However, one habit that you should steer clear of is attempting to undertake European car repairs on your own, under the guise that this will save you some money.

15 June 2021

5 Signs Your Car's Air Conditioning Is Not Functioning Well


Many car owners tend to forget about their auto air conditioning unit until they need it the most. And there's nothing wrong with that. However, it makes sense to check the conditioner once in a while to ensure it's functioning correctly. If you notice that the device isn't working, you should hire an auto engineer to help you fix the problem. This article looks at the five common signs of a malfunctioning car air conditioner.

30 April 2021

Reasons Why Engine Oil Changes Are a Critical Part of A BMW Service


A grave mistake some motorist make is assuming that they should only have the engine oil refilled when it is diminished but this is a gross misassumption and you will be doing a disservice to your vehicle. To help you learn more about why this maintenance step should be a priority, read on for the reasons why engine oil changes are a critical part of a car's service. What is the significance of engine oil?

9 February 2021