Automotive: Warning Signs of Impending Power Steering Failure


Power steering is one of the most convenient mechanisms in your vehicle as it allows you to steer your car with minimal effort on your part. In years past, having to navigate sharp corners and wide bends would require the motorist to put in a lot of effort to turn their steering wheel as far as they can. With power steering, a hydraulic pump functions to provide torque to your wheels, hence making the process much easier for you.

6 January 2017

Why Most Motorists Don't Understand the Importance of Differential Maintenance


A car's differential has a very difficult job to perform. Tremendous mechanical forces are at work, due to the resistance posed by the road surface against the energy produced by the engine. When you think about how much stress these components have to put up with, it's hardly surprising that they fail from time to time. How do they work and how can you help ensure the differential's longevity? Parts Under Pressure

3 January 2017