Want More Performance From Your Car? Here Are Some Of The Most Promising Enhancements You Can Get


Cars are easily man's favourite machines. And if there is one thing that man likes from his machines is better performance. If you want to get more performance from your vehicle, there is a huge raft of enhancements that you can seek from your auto service company. Below, check out some of the most promising enhancements that you can procure without making your car look like a racing machine.

Premium fuels and premium oil additives

This is an easy one, yet effective. You can buy premium high-performance fluids that promise to increase your car's performance. One of these fluids is premium fuel which optimises the combustion levels in your engine, allowing your car to generate more power. There are also premium engine and transmission oils that offer better lubrication and cooling thus allowing your car to go faster while achieving better efficiency.

Radiator/cooling system upgrade

Cooling is very important in as far as performance is concerned. If you want your car to perform better, upgrade the cooling system as well in order to keep the engine and the transmission cool under the added speeds and strain. For this, install a high-performance radiator. This will cool your engine and transmission faster and better, avoiding overheating and breakdown.

Engine and exhaust machining

If you really want to get serious horsepower from your car, think about having your engine and exhaust system machined/modified. Here, the engine's cylinders can be bored wider to allow more air. The intake manifolds are also widened to pump more air into the engine. Larger valves may also be installed to allow better air compression. The exhaust can also be modified to feature a wider and smoother design that expels air from the engine faster to allow better efficiency.

Diff recalibration to enhance torque

The differential, also called the diff, is responsible for regulating the torque from the engine and transmission by passing it into the wheels. The diff can be modified to ensure maximum torque is passed onto the wheels. This is done by recalibrating the gear ratios and servicing the unit, especially in regards to lubrication.

Turbo, superchargers, and intercoolers

And for the holy grail of performance, enhance your car by adding a turbocharger or supercharger and possibly an intercooler. Turbocharger and superchargers compress the air getting into the engine allowing more air and more fuel to burn and produce more power with every cycle. Intercoolers cool the compressed air before it gets into the engine allowing for even greater compression and combustion.

These enhancements, whether singly or in whole, will definitely give your car a whole new level of performance. You will enjoy faster speed, more torque, and better efficiency and output from your drivetrain.


21 November 2016

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