What's the Sophisticated Process Involved in Repairing a Smashed Car?


You may have been unfortunate enough to have suffered a car crash recently and have now been through the process of insurance appraisal. You may have been given the go-ahead to proceed with repair and wonder what the process involves.

The Process

The repair process actually begins before permission is given by the insurance company to proceed. This involves a full assessment of the damage, which is made by qualified engineers before there is any basis for the insurance company to make a decision. Engineers today rely on a combination of experience, expertise and technology in order to arrive at the best solution. Computer programs help them to estimate what it will cost in terms of labour and parts in order to bring the vehicle back up to mint condition.

Ordering and Prioritising

As soon as the insurance company has authorised the job to begin, it is now necessary to confirm what parts are needed and place those on order if they're not in stock. Most competent repair shops these days have a prioritisation system which will then move your car into their schedule to ensure that repairs will be completed in the least possible time.

Dismantling and Final Approval

The process of dismantling the vehicle will then begin. Once again, a fully qualified technician will inspect the car after it is fully disassembled to determine whether any additional parts need to be ordered, as this is sometimes the case. Usually, a contingency is written into the insurance agreement to cover this situation. Sometimes, however, it may be necessary for the insurance company to provide an additional assessment to extend their approval.

Proper Alignment

Cars that have been extensively damaged are typically placed onto sophisticated body "jigs" in order to ensure that the chassis is aligned properly and according to the specifications laid down by the manufacturer. Once this has happened new panels can be fitted and further aligned. If any additional panels need repair but not replacement, then these are finished to a corresponding standard.

Into the Paint Shop

After the mechanical and body elements have been taken care of, it's time to move the vehicle into the paint department. Once again, sophisticated equipment is used to accurately match colours to the existing paint scheme and skilled individuals will finish the vehicle to the highest standards.

Finishing Touches

Finally, all of the parts are once again checked for proper alignment and operation. The vehicle is given a thorough inspection to ensure that all components are working properly and the car is entirely roadworthy.


21 November 2016

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