What to Do in the Event of a Truck Breakdown


Due to the sheer size of a typical truck, an unexpected breakdown is a major event. In addition to initiating the actual repair, what do you need to bear in mind in terms of safety?

Complying with Health and Safety

It should be remembered that there are some very stringent health and safety laws in place across Australia relating to the workplace. They do not just apply to a factory, depot or garage, but also apply whenever any work is to be conducted on a public road, as is the case here.

Assessing the Risk

Firstly, the entire location and surroundings should be quickly assessed. The owner of the truck should already have identified a procedure to put in place in the event of an incident like this, to determine what factors could potentially cause a roadside incident. These could include weather conditions, the ambient lighting, the resting position of the truck, whether there was any damage to the vehicle that could cause it to be more difficult to see and others.

Controlling Exposure

Once the assessment has been completed the next step is to determine what measurements can be put in place in order to control the risk exposure. These control measures then need to be engaged as readily as possible. Any measures put in place should be constantly reviewed and revised if needed.

Mitigating the Situation

The driver of the truck can do a great deal to mitigate the risks involved, when the breakdown event is actually unfolding. The driver should always give all attention to finding the most suitable location to stop, whenever it is clear that a breakdown is materialising. Ideally, the driver should choose a level surface and an area on the shoulder of the road, outside of traffic lanes. The driver should also avoid a congested area, or a location where other members of the public are active. Ideally, all passing and oncoming traffic should have a clear line of sight to the disabled vehicle.

Engage the vehicle's hazard warning lights and place emergency warning triangles in accordance with the specific traffic laws in that situation. In very bad visibility conditions, electronic flares can be activated and placed behind the truck.

In The Worst-Case

If the driver feels that any of these ideal situations are compromised, then it's highly recommended to call the local police to be in attendance. If needed, they can provide traffic control, or in a critical situation can arrange to have the vehicle towed to the nearest repair shop.


29 November 2016

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