Why Your Trailer Suspension Could Let You Down If You're Not Careful


A trailer is very much a utilitarian tool. Many people pay little or no attention to its upkeep, as they don't expect anything to go wrong. It's not like the towing vehicle, after all, which everyone expects to repair at some point. Yet if you do not pay an adequate amount of attention to trailer maintenance, you may find that you're sitting at the side of a dirt road somewhere with an expensive failure on your hands. What do you need to be looking out for so this doesn't happen to you?

Focusing on the Springs

Your main focus of attention when maintaining a trailer should be on the quality and upkeep of your springs. These are a critical part of the suspension setup. Most trailers are fitted with a particular type of leaf spring, whether it's an enclosed box, a ute or a boat trailer. If you happen to carry heavy loads on a regular basis, you should especially pay attention to the state of the springs before each major journey. At the very least you should have an expert look at the condition of the springs during an annual maintenance check.

Checking for Cracks

Have a good look in the area around the bolts that connect the springs on both ends to the hangar. This is typically the first area to exhibit issues and you should be looking for any cracks, no matter how small they may seem. If you see cracks here, it is time to replace the entire spring set on both sides or risk complete suspension failure or damage to the axle, tyre or hub.

Losing Tension

Have a look at the individual leaves of the spring. They should be tight together and you shouldn't see any light in between them. This can happen as the springs start to fatigue and the tension gives out. They will then 'flatten', causing them to pull apart from each other.

Checking for Corrosion

What kind of condition are the leaf springs in, generally? In other words, how deep does that rust penetrate? A certain amount of surface corrosion is fine and to be expected, but if you can fairly easily break off some chunks of rust, or can see that the damage is penetrating, then it is time to take action.

Protecting the Springs

You can protect your springs from rusting in the future by smearing some wax over them. Make sure that you warm it up before you do this to make it easier to adhere. This can form a protective coating that repels rainwater and will prevent the metal from oxidising as easily.

Don't hesitate to get new trailer suspension parts if you're worried about the trailer's ability to tow.


30 November 2016

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