How to Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Taken to Your Preferred Mechanic After an Accident


A great mechanic can be worth their weight in gold, so if your vehicle was involved in an accident, you would want it to be taken to your preferred mechanic, wouldn't you? Certainly this is possible, but there can be a few minor hurdles that might be placed in your way. So how can you ensure that your vehicle is taken to the mechanic you want?

Not an Emergency Vehicle

Of course, your first concern will be your wellbeing and that of anyone else travelling in your vehicle. Is everyone OK? Seek medical assistance if necessary. Don't hesitate to call emergency services if you're concerned. You might also notice that a tow truck will show up at the scene of the accident, almost as though they're an emergency service vehicle as well. This is not the case. While they will be able to remove your vehicle and transport it to a mechanic, it might not necessarily be the mechanic of your choosing.

A Mechanic of Your Choosing

Towing companies are private enterprises and sometimes work in conjunction with a particular mechanic. This means that the tow truck will offer to take your vehicle to this particular mechanic. You are under no obligation to agree to this. If you wish to have your vehicle taken to your chosen mechanic, then you should request that this happens. If the towing company does not wish to do this, then you do not have to use their service. So what should you do next?

Contact Your Mechanic

Call your mechanic and ask if they have a towing company that they generally use. Request that a tow truck is sent to the scene of the accident to collect your vehicle. If you are unable to contact your mechanic, then contact an alternative towing company that will take your vehicle to the destination of your choosing. If it's out of hours, you can also have the vehicle towed back to your property so that it can be assessed at a later stage. This will increase your upfront costs as the vehicle will then need to be towed again for repairs.

Remember that your vehicle cannot be towed unless you sign a towing agreement, and this should not be signed until the end destination has been confirmed. Police can authorise the towing of your vehicle if it's obstructing traffic, but it will generally be towed to a storage yard until you can confirm which mechanic you wish to perform the repairs.


1 December 2016

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