How to Prepare Your Mobile Caravan for Winter Storage


Caravans provide a convenient and reliable means of transportation during holidays and camping trips. However, to enjoy the benefits that come with owning one, you need to undertake proper maintenance even when the caravan is not in use. Preparing your mobile caravan for the winter season will determine how fit it will be for use during the next holiday season. Here are some tips on how you can prepare your caravan for the winter and avoid incurring costly repairs due to poor maintenance.

Choose an ideal storage location

Unlike vehicles which can be stored in the garage, most caravans are designed to be stored outside. The winter season can be particularly harsh on vehicles, and choosing an ideal spot will determine the condition of the caravan after the season is over. As such, avoid storing the caravan underneath a tree as it can get damaged by falling tree branches and dead leaves that pile up over time.

Store the caravan on solid ground and use breathable covers to protect it from the elements. Breathable covers allow the circulation of air and prevent the formation of mould which can cause damage to some of its parts. If you don't have a suitable storage space within your property, you can consider renting a storage space in a facility.

Clean the caravan

Cleaning the caravan before storage will not only preserve its appearance, but it will also remove any mould and mildew that may have formed during the course of your trips. Use gentle cleaning products and avoid power washing the caravan unless the manufacturer's manual indicates it's safe to do so. If the caravan has been exposed to saline environments, make sure that you thoroughly clean the chassis to get rid of salt which can lead to the formation of rust due to corrosion.

Inspect the caravan's interior

Most caravans are self contained with a kitchen, lounge area, and toilet. It may be equipped with cabinets and drawers, a wardrobe, couch, fridge, and other accessories for your trips. Before storing the caravan, make sure that all the utensils are clean and there is no food left behind in the fridge and cabinets as it could attract mould.

Flush the toilet and drain all the water from the systems including the taps and shower to prevent frozen pipes. You can even cut off water supply to the caravan. Make sure that the interior is clean and dry before storing it to avoid the formation of mould.

Follow these tips to prepare your mobile caravan for winter storage. You can also have the caravan serviced before storage to ensure that its systems and components remain in good condition throughout the winter season.


1 December 2016

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