Engine Repairs: Telltale Signs of Impeding Malfunction


Taking your vehicle for routine servicing no doubt will prolong its lifespan. . Since the engine is one of the more crucial components of your vehicle, it would be advisable to know how to spot the signs of engine repair. The reality of the matter is that signs and symptoms of disrepair from your car should be addressed post haste to ensure that the underlying problem does not become aggravated, which would lead to your vehicle requiring extensive repairs Below is an outline of the telltale signs of impending malfunctioning of your engine.

There are flakes of metal in your engine oil

Routine servicing also ensures that your vehicle remains roadworthy. However, since car servicing can be quite pricey, you will find some homeowners will ignore car trouble they experience if they consider it minor assuming that the vehicle can hold off until its next servicing.

When you are changing the oil of your vehicle, it is best to have a look at it to see what condition it is in. One of the things to look out for when changing the oil would be if there are metal flakes that are floating in the oil. The presence of these metal flakes would be indicating of friction occurring between metal components in your engine. It would be crucial to have an auto mechanic establish which parts are rubbing against each other before it causes permanent damage to the motor of your engine.

There is an increase in exhaust emissions

Exhaust emissions are essential, as this is how your vehicle eliminates waste matter after combustion. However, if there is an increase in the exhaust emissions, then you should be concerned that there may be an underlying problem that remains undetected. The colour of the exhaust emissions will also give you an idea of what could be the cause of the increased exhaust smoke. For instance, in the event that your car is emitting copious amounts of black smoke, it could mean that your vehicle is not burning fuel efficiently.

On the other hand, if you notice the increased emissions have a white tinged colour, this would be indicative of a refrigerant leak in your vehicle. Failure to have this addressed by an auto mechanic could lead to your engine suffering from overheating. Blue smoke emissions coming from your vehicle would be a telltale sign of oil being burnt and this would mean that the movable parts of your engine would not be receiving sufficient lubrication.


30 December 2016

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