Top 4 Tips to Help You Select the Best Panel Beating Services


Whether due to an accident or simply wear and tear, you may need a technician to fix or replace your car's body parts. Considering the frequency of accidents, whether minor or major, chances of having your bumper dented are very high. Therefore, the need to have the contacts of a reliable panel beating service provider. Panel beating is the art of restoring a vehicle's body part to its original state. Not every auto garage provides this service, hence, the need to research careful on the best, reliable and skillful panel beaters. Below are tips that will help you select the best panel beating services.

1. Vehicle Model Specialisation

Just like locating an auto garage, it's advisable to find a panel beater who is specialized in your vehicle's make and model. A specialised panel beater will have access to the required genuine spare parts needed to restore your vehicle to its original state.  In addition, Japanese, German and American vehicles are structured differently; this means that a Japanese specialist will have an easy time repairing a Japanese vehicle as opposed to an American vehicle. Therefore, know the make and model of your car and search for a panel beater who is specialised in your car type.

2. Reputation

Always ask around for feedback from close friends, relatives and previous and current customers. Feedback will help you know the kind of services provided by your selected panel beaters, which will go a long way in helping you select the best panel beater. Social media has made it easier to find un-doctored reviews, as customer reviews in different forums will help you understand the experiences of different clients under the panel beater you selected. Also, personal recommendation by a trusted individual is usually an easy way to get a good panel beater. Therefore, ask around before settling for your selected panel beater.

3. Work Environment

Would you feel comfortable taking your vehicle to some dingy environs to get it repaired? The answer is a definite no. Therefore, take time to visit your selected workshops to see if they have the required security, space, modern tools and cleanliness that matches your expectation.

4. Experience and Professionalism

Before settling for any panel beating workshop, make sure to ask about their level of experience and certification. A good panel beating workshop will have experienced and certified panel beaters within their ranks. In addition, the level of experience will strongly determine the kind of work to expect once your car is fully repaired. Highly experienced panel beaters have years of learning on the industry that will be advantageous to you as a client.

Therefore, don't just give up on your old or damaged vehicle—step out and look for reliable panel beaters to have your car restored to its original condition at an affordable cost.

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13 May 2019

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