How cool is your car?


Is the temperature inside the vehicle sufficiently low to make it pleasant to go for a drive, or do you hate every sweaty minute you have to spend in the car? A properly functioning air conditioning system is essential to enjoying your car.

Why would you need a car air conditioning service? 

When your vehicle is new, then you should be able to turn on the air-con and start enjoying cool air immediately, but over time, your air conditioning will become less effective. While many car owners pay little attention to their air-con units, they can benefit from regular attention.

  • Stuffy air - Perhaps after a while, you may notice that the air in your car remains warm and stuffy even when the air-con is turned up to maximum. If that is your situation, then it's time to consider a car air conditioning service to return your air-con to efficient working order.
  • Leaking system - If you detect a leak coming from your car air-con, then it is time to get it serviced before the situation deteriorates further.
  • Musty smell- If you can detect a musty smell entering your vehicle when the air-con is turned on, then it's possible that your car is experiencing bacterial overgrowth within the air vents. This is something that you should get resolved quickly since exposure to bacteria and mould can cause serious respiratory issues.

Fixing your air conditioning

If your car air conditioning isn't as cool as it should be, it is likely that it could benefit from being regassed. Regassing is the removal of the existing refrigerant gas from the system and its replacement with new refrigerant. In addition to replacing the refrigerant, a car air conditioning service will examine your evaporator to ensure that it does not become corroded as a result of contact with acids.

Other issues that a could engineer will want to look at include:

  • Hoses
  • Pulleys and belts
  • The temperature of the suction line, air vent and condenser
  • Operation of the thermostat and valve
  • How often

Should you book a car air conditioning service?

Perhaps you can't detect any problems with the air conditioning in your car. Even if everything appears to be working correctly, it is still advisable to arrange for a car air conditioning service at least every two years. It may be that there are leaks or other problems that you can't see. Even if regassing is not required, the engineer will still want to examine the compressor and ensure it is working as it should.

Book an appointment today and make sure your car air conditioning is working at maximum efficiency.


14 October 2019

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