Key Areas to Look At When Searching for a Smash Repair Auto Shop for Luxury Cars


If you own a luxury car, the chances are high that you take excellent care of it to avoid bumps or scratches. However, not everything you plan will go your way; therefore, the possibility of you bumping your luxury possession on a pole or being involved in a car accident is a reality. Therefore, in the event of such an occurrence, you must choose a smash repair auto shop that has the expertise to repair luxury vehicles. This article thus highlights critical things to look for in a luxury vehicle panel beater. 

Specialty Smash Repair Auto Shop 

There is no doubt that a general smash repair shop can fix a damaged luxury car. However, you can rest assured that a majority of such smash repair shops will not do a great job on your luxury car. The reason is luxury cars are designed and manufactured differently from other types of vehicles; therefore, the cars demand specialised handling during panel beating. For instance, the contours of some luxury cars are so smooth that it can be difficult for some general smash repair shops to panel beat the body to the right arcs. Therefore, as you look for a smash repair auto shop for your luxury car, make sure you go for a service provider that specialises in luxury cars. 

Suction Equipment Used 

Smash repair auto shops use different equipment to correct bumps during the panel beating process. For example, in panel beating, shrinking hammers, dollies and spoons are some of the most common tools used to bring back smashed surfaces to their previous condition. However, when using these tools, the panel beaters have to hit the surface, and this means the paint is ruined. For luxury car owners, this can be a massive deal since the priced possession might require a new paint job. You can avoid all this trouble and maintain the original paint on your luxury car by choosing a smash repair shop with suction tools. The tools use a suction mechanism to pull dents and bumps to the original car's contours. Not only do you save the paint job, but you also reduce the total amount of money spent on repairs. 

Availability of Spare Parts

Smash repairs projects can vary in magnitude, and some tasks might require part replacement. For luxury cars, getting repair parts can be a bit of a challenge, especially if the parts have to be shipped from the manufacturer's production line. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the panel beater has the required spare parts for your luxury car as you look for a smash repair auto shop. 

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3 January 2020

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