Caravan Electric Brake Controllers: Everything There Is to Know


Caravans are a great addition for those who love to take long trips and enjoy some time outdoors. It is a great tool for carrying luggage and necessities on vacations. Large caravans can host a couple of people and serve as a living space when you go for holidays. When towing a caravan, there is an inherent risk of jeopardising the safety of other road users. The added weight at the back of your vehicle reduces the efficiency of your vehicle's brakes. Therefore, it helps to install brakes on your caravan to guarantee proper, all-round braking. Electric brakes are the best option for your caravan, and they come with a controller discussed here in detail:

What Are Brake Controllers?

Earlier there was mention of caravans adding weight to the rear of your vehicle, which affects braking. Mounting brakes on your caravan will maintain efficiency. However, these brakes will only work if they have a controller to actuate and monitor their functions. For instance, the controller is responsible for activating the brakes on the caravan in case it detaches from the vehicle unexpectedly.

How Do You Differentiate Wireless and Hardwired Controllers?

Traditional brake controllers require hardwiring to the tow vehicle for the brakes to function. The setup is quite an inconvenience because you had to fit brake controllers on the caravan every time you changed cars or borrowed another car. On the other hand, wireless brake controllers are mounted on the caravan instead of the car. The brakes sit as an independent unit and a perfect solution for anyone who cannot modify their car or make costly changes to get the controllers onboard.

What Is the Working Mechanism of Your Brake Controller?

Caravan electric brakes come with regular brake shoes. They do not have the larger, sophisticated brake discs installed on vehicles. The brake controller supplies the power to the brake system, activating the magnet in the process. Simultaneously, the magnet moves towards the flat side of the rotating brake hubs. The motion of the brake hub also causes the magnet to rotate and attach to a special lever. This lever is a pivot that spreads the brake shoes and applies your brakes.

The brake controller sits as an autonomous unit in your car. It regulates the electric power getting to the magnets and the wheels, determining the amount of braking on the caravan. There is a direct connection from the brake controller to the car's battery to keep it powered at all times.

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18 December 2020

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