Reasons Why Engine Oil Changes Are a Critical Part of A BMW Service


A grave mistake some motorist make is assuming that they should only have the engine oil refilled when it is diminished but this is a gross misassumption and you will be doing a disservice to your vehicle. To help you learn more about why this maintenance step should be a priority, read on for the reasons why engine oil changes are a critical part of a car's service.

What is the significance of engine oil?

Before you can dive into the various advantages that engine oil offers a vehicle, it is essential to start with why this fluid is integral for the functioning of the engine in the first place. To begin with, this oil works to lubricate the multitude of auto parts that the engine comprises of, which inhibits friction that would steadily degrade said components.

Moreover, the oil is designed with various inhibitors that function to keep the engine protected from corrosion, which helps with prolonging the lifespan of this automotive system. Lastly, one surprising feature about engine oil that many a motorist is unaware of is the cooling properties of this fluid. The oil helps with transferring heat from the auto parts that it lubricates and this will facilitate enhanced efficiency of the engine.

What are the dangers of overlooking oil changes during a car service?

With the multipurpose functionality of engine oil, it is unsurprising that driving with compromised fluid will lead to dire consequences for your vehicle. A few of the most noteworthy dangers of overlooking oil changes during a car service include:

  1. Accelerated wear: Over time, the engine oil becomes contaminated with dirt, particles and a host of other forms of debris. The higher the amount of pollutants in the engine oil, the more abrasive this fluid becomes. Skipping oil changes allows the jeopardised oil to abrade the surface of the various components that it is lubricating, which necessitate auto part replacement and eventually having to replace the entire engine.
  2. Increased heat: As aforementioned, the engine oil helps with redirecting heat away from the various parts that the engine is made up of. When the oil is contaminated, it becomes thick and viscous, losing its ability to transfer this heat. Consequently, not only are the engine components at risk of heat damage but so are other auto parts near the engine.

Reach out to a professional who provides services for your type of car like BMW services to talk about when yours needs an oil change. 


9 February 2021

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