5 Signs Your Car's Air Conditioning Is Not Functioning Well


Many car owners tend to forget about their auto air conditioning unit until they need it the most. And there's nothing wrong with that. However, it makes sense to check the conditioner once in a while to ensure it's functioning correctly. If you notice that the device isn't working, you should hire an auto engineer to help you fix the problem.

This article looks at the five common signs of a malfunctioning car air conditioner. Understanding these signs will make it easy for you to know the problem at hand. It also makes it easier to explain the issue to an auto mechanic.

1. Your Car's AC System Is Not Working

An air conditioner won't work as expected if it's faulty. For example, if you notice that the fan doesn't produce air, there is a high chance that there's an issue with the ventilation fan. It either means that the fan is damaged or it's blocked.

2. You Hear Strange Sounds Coming From The AC

Unusual sounds like rattling or banging whenever you turn the AC on is a sign of faulty fan belts and condensers. The fan may also be clogged, therefore straining the system.

3. Odour Is Coming From The AC 

The smell can either be unpleasant or feel like something is burning. Either way, both indicate a problem with the auto air conditioner. There might even be mould build-up causing the bad smell. So, it would help if you got the problem fixed in the shortest time possible.

4. The Dashboard Is Leaking

Has water been dripping from your dashboard to your car's mat? That could be a sign of a clogged or split hose in the car. If something is clogging the hose, it cannot drain off the moisture produced by the air conditioning system.

5. Your Car's Air Conditioner Is Working But Not Efficiently

Sometimes the air conditioning system works but fails to produce enough cold air. If you find that you have to bring your face closer to the air conditioner to cool yourself, there may be a problem with the coolant. It may be either leaking or too old to work efficiently.

An auto air conditioner is an essential part of your vehicle. It creates a comfortable environment to sit in and drive your car. So, if you notice that the system isn't working as expected, contact a car air conditioning service for help.


30 April 2021

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