European Car Repairs That Should Never Be Undertaken as A DIY Job


One thing that most motorists can agree on when it comes to European cars is that they are the epitome of prestige. But these status symbols can be quite expensive. Thus, when some motorists purchase these vehicles, they tend to adopt habits that will help them save on ownership costs. However, one habit that you should steer clear of is attempting to undertake European car repairs on your own, under the guise that this will save you some money.

The reality, though, is that you could end up jeopardising the functionality of your car since European vehicles are outfitted with complex mechanisms and new-age technology that calls for professional servicing and repairs. Before you end up damaging your car further, check out the following European car repairs that should never be undertaken as a DIY job.

Shock absorber repairs

European cars are renowned for the smooth driving experience that they accord motorists but this quality is not coincidental. Their specially designed shock absorbers are responsible for this experience, as they function to absorbs the rebound and compression mechanism of the car's suspension. Moreover, the shock absorbers also work to limit the movement of the springs so that you do not feel them as you drive.

When the shock absorbers start to misbehave, you may be tempted to make your way under your car to assess tier condition but this is highly inadvisable. Not only will you be posing a risk to yourself but tampering with the shock absorbers can result in irreparable damage that would warrant their replacement. Your best option is to seek European car repairs from a mechanic that specialises in these vehicles.

Timing belt repairs

The second quality of European cars that sets them apart from other vehicles is their engine design. For starters, these vehicles have exceptional fuel efficiency, more so if you have purchased one of the newer models of cars, so you can be assured of long-term savings. Moreover, the technologically advanced engineering of European cars results in a robust engine that is likely to outlast the engine of an average vehicle. Nonetheless, a critical component in the functioning of these engines is the timing belt.

The timing belt works to coordinate the movement of the crankshaft and the camshaft to open and shut the exhaust valves and engine intake in tandem with the pistons. Hence, when the timing belt is compromised, the combustion process will be affected too. Considering that the timing belt is intricately connected to the engine, professional expertise is required to dismantle the engine to replace a damaged timing belt. With that in mind, it crucial that you seek European car repairs rather than try to fix this problem on your own.

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15 June 2021

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