Three Important Tips for Planning for Body Kit Installation


If you are thinking about enhancing your car through customisation, consider purchasing and installing a body kit. In general, using a body kit is one of the popular approaches to improving the appeal of a car because it changes the profile of the automobile. Consequently, the exterior will stand out among stock vehicles of the same make and model. Moreover, the right body kit will upgrade the performance, improving the general quality of the ride. Here are some crucial guidelines to keep in mind if you decide to use a body kit for your vehicle.

Determine the Goal

The specific goal of installing a body kit will determine the right product for your vehicle. In simple terms, when choosing the kit, consider your specific goals. For most people, the upgrade is about enhanced aesthetics. If this is your case, look at the appearance of the available products. Keep in mind that certain body kits will give the vehicle a sleek and minimalistic appearance. However, you can also choose options with a race car look. Dramatic changes will draw more eyes to your vehicle, but the distinct look could affect resale value.

If you would like to also improve the performance of your car by using a body kit, check on the fabrication materials. Options like carbon fibre will improve aerodynamics and downforce. Therefore, the material will ensure increased speed and function. You can get the same look without enhanced function by opting for materials like polyurethane. Finally, choose the finish for your car with care. You can opt to leave the kit unpainted or match the existing colours.

Purchase a Body Kit

When purchasing a body kit, choose a complete unit with all main components or acquire individual parts. A complete kit consists of core elements like hoods, grilles, side skirts and wings. This choice is convenient because the units in a kit have the same style for a harmonised look. However, you can purchase separate components and build your kit. This choice has more options for customisation. Moreover, you can buy more parts in the future to further enhance your car.

Consider the Restrictions

Finally, address the restrictions related to car modification. If you are only interested in cosmetics, the body kit will not attract legal concerns. However, if your body kit is tailored towards enhancing function, ensure that there are no restrictions in your area for modification. For the best outcome, consult your mechanic before the changes. Additionally, check your warranty agreement for details on modifications. 

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17 September 2021

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