Major Benefits of Logbook Service to a Commercial Fleet


Being on top of things is critical if you manage a fleet of trucks since it prevents repairs from getting out of hand. It is the reason car manufacturers specify regular logbook service due to its proactive nature. Notably, logbook service involves regular inspections and minor fixes, which ensure that trucks run smoothly and efficiently at all times. The best part is that logbook servicing indicates the type of task carried out, the date, and the technician who conducted the checks. Besides the general benefits of logbook service to personal cars, this article looks at how commercial fleets can benefit from the same.

Maintains Resale Value 

Commercial trucks are a significant investment; therefore, adequate maintenance is critical to maintaining optimal performance. Notably, most business owners are always on the lookout for newer trucks with better capabilities. Thus, it is common for fleet managers to replace existing trucks with newer models. However, if you do not follow a logbook service schedule, the chances are high that the resale value of some of the trucks in your fleet is adversely affected. Consequently, they might fetch a lower amount when you put them up for sale. Unfortunately, you have to top up a significant amount to fund the purchase of new trucks. Following a logbook service schedule helps retain a truck's resale value, allowing you to recoup a significant amount from its sale. In addition, it means you only need to add a small amount to buy a brand new truck.

Low Operational Costs

Managing a fleet of commercial trucks can be expensive if you consider the amount of work and resources required to keep vehicles running efficiently. For instance, some truck parts are costly to repair or replace; therefore, scheduled maintenance is critical. If you do not conduct regular inspections, you will miss minor issues that could worsen over time and lead to catastrophic failure. Consequently, you have to spend more money and time to repair damages, especially if more than one truck is affected. Logbook servicing keeps fleet operation costs low by preventing damages. Additionally, logbook service allows technicians to identify and address issues early, helping you avoid extra costs.

Maintain Service Records

It is easy to mix up fleet maintenance records when managing too many trucks. Such mix-up can be a problem since it is difficult to know the type of service carried out on a particular truck. However, you do not have to worry about such a mix-up if you follow the logbook service schedule to the latter. The reason is that mechanics must indicate the type of service conducted on each truck's logbook, making follow-up inspections easier on drivers and mechanics.

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23 November 2021

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